How to choose a good baby hair clipper

For MaMa, baby haircuts can be a big problem. When the baby sees a strange barber and hears the sound of the electric reasoning device, he will be scared and cry. The average barber shop only has a hair clipper that is suitable for adults and is a common hair clipper. The baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive, and it is bad if it is infected or injured.

Therefore, the best way is to prepare a special hair clipper for your child, and you can help your baby to get a haircut at home, which is safer and healthier.

The difference between baby hair clipper and adult hair clipper

More dense teeth

The baby’s hair is softer than the adult, so the teeth of the baby hair clipper are more dense, making it easy to create a beautiful hairstyle.

Less noise

The big reason why the baby doesn’t want to get a haircut is that the hairbrush is too noisy. The baby hair clipper will be lighter in design. The good baby hair clipper can be basically muted, so the baby will be more cooperative.

More secure

The baby hair clipper is designed to be rounded on some corners, which has better waterproof performance. It also adds a positioning protection comb, which pays more attention to the safety of the product than the adult hair clipper.

Optional standard

Silent effect

For baby hair clippers, the mute effect must be outstanding. Because the baby is sensitive to noise, if the sound is too loud, it will easily cause fear to the baby; and the silent hair clipper is more convenient to help the baby to get a hair when it is asleep.

Blade material

The size of the baby hair clipper is generally stainless steel or ceramic, and the ceramic cutter head is more recommended here. The reason is that although the ceramic cutter head is not resistant to falling, it is relatively safer, has a strong shearing force, generates almost no heat during operation, and has relatively small noise.


A good baby hair clipper, its waterproof function is also very good, so it is easy to clean and save. The baby’s scalp is very delicate. If the hair clipper is not clean, it is easy to cause infection, so choose a hair-friendly hair clipper that is more hygienic.

Power problem

It is recommended not to choose a baby hair clipper for external charging and charging. It is better to choose a rechargeable hair clipper. Because the charging type is more flexible, it is safer for a good baby, and it will not cause a card to be discovered due to a sudden power failure.

Recommended Products

After a large number of product screenings, the Life Report recommended the following four baby hair clippers.


Product model: HC1055

Recommended reason: The product received multiple awards. Safety ceramic cutter head, a variety of comb teeth. Silent push shaving, body wash IPX7 waterproof, plug, and play.


Product model: A2

Recommended reason: R-type chamfering cutter head, silent care, body wash IPX7 waterproof, 1-hour fast charge, 60 minutes on a single charge.

Good boy

Product model: C80246

Recommended reason: safety R angle ceramic cutter head, low decibel low vibration, body wash, charge and insert, heat dissipation is better.


Product model: ZG-F738

Recommended reason: cute shape, safe R-type ceramic cutter head, low noise design, body wash, LCD digital power display, cost-effective.

Baby haircut tips

Haircut time: The time for the baby’s haircut should be controlled within 3 to 5 minutes, and the longest should not exceed 10 minutes.

Dry hair: Make a haircut for your baby, and then wash your hair. The baby’s hair is originally very soft. If the hair is washed, the hair will be softer and the haircut will be more difficult.

Protection: When cutting the hair behind the ear, be sure to protect his ears with your hands to avoid accidental injury;

Posture: When you are getting a haircut, you should pay attention to pushing the forehead and then pushing the back of the head, pushing it from the two sides. When pushing the forehead, use your baby’s most comfortable posture – lying on his back in the arms of an adult;

Emotions: Pay attention to your baby’s emotions when you are getting a haircut. You can transfer your baby’s attention or when he is asleep. If the baby is crying, slow down and don’t force a haircut.

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